A leap second resulted in minor disruption to computer networks around the world on Tuesday, June 30, compared to more severe disruption in previous occurrences. Leap seconds are a rare phenomenon, but not unprecedented - there have been 26 of them since the introduction of the concept in 1972. The previous leap second, in 2012, had resulted in major disruption to multiple websites and essential services.

Leap Second

Once again Lenovo proved that they are best at giving a device price tag, they have recently launched the another in budget Android Lollipop running smartphone, named Lenovo K3 Note, basically it’s a successor of the Lenovo K3 smartphone which was launched past year. Lenovo launched K3 Note will be exclusively available at flipkart on 8th July  in India at Rs.9,999. Lenovo is a Chinese manufacturer and we all know that the Chinese smartphone company is offering the budget smartphone with outstanding hardware and impressive specs out of the box.

How To Root Lenovo K3 Note

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